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As a former athlete, I played college football at the University of Pittsburgh. I walked-on the football team, not once but twice. After sustaining a torn ACL/Medial Meniscus Cartilage during summer camp prior to the season, I had full-knee reconstruction within a week, and another surgery several months later. Instead of quitting or using the injury as a reason to end my athletic career, I walked-on for the second time and earned a full-athletic scholarship. This is when I learned what it takes to overcome adversity, and to never give up or lose faith.

Deuce Sleeves is looking to create sponsorship opportunities with athletes of any gender, sport, and/or level of experience. We are looking to sponsor like-minded athletes who share the same vision and mindset as the Deuce Sleeves Brand. Aside from the immediate qualification of being an athlete, you must demonstrate drive, passion, a competitive spirit, and an unwavering faith in yourself and the Lord.

If you are an athlete and would like consideration for a Deuce Sleeves sponsorship, please send an email:

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“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.”

Vince Lombardi