Deuce Sleeves

Life as an Addict

After graduating college, I can admit I was a bit lost. I left the stage of D1 football to a life of trying to figure out what I wanted to do. At the time, I was a personal trainer and got into bodybuilding. It was during this period of my life when I was introduced to a drug called GHB, and very quickly I became addicted. One fateful evening I made the mistake of drinking 4-5 ounces at once (normal does is a tablespoon).

Long story short, I died and had it not been for my brother who called 911, I would not be here. Once the paramedics brought me back to life, they intubated me and I spent several days in ICU. I still did GHB after this. You would think I had learned my lesson and cleaned up my life. No! I had carpel tunnel surgery and once again was prescribed pain medication.

This was the beginning of a very long journey of the next phase of my life addicted to pain medication. I was what you would call a highly-functional addict. At its peak, I was taking 3-4 Oxycontin 80’s a day. I can recall at one point, I was making about $72k, I drove an Audi A4, and on several occasions, I had to empty the gas from my riding mower into my car so I could get to work.

Life was miserable, little did I know it was about to get worse.