Deuce Sleeves

I am Deuce Sleeves

Ironically, I didn’t intentionally set out to start Deuce Sleeves Mindset Apparel. The original idea was for a tattoo shop that only does tattoos in the form of sleeves. I named the business Deuce Sleeves because I have two-full sleeves of tattoos.

My graphic designer and I went back and forth on the logo design for weeks, and then finally I decided upon the Hummingbird, which symbolizes strength and persistence to Rise Above trouble and hardship. Soon after for fun, I made a hat with the new logo and immediately I began to receive questions about the hat and logo.

Realizing I might be on to something, I submitted a trademark application and had to designate the type of business. It was at this point that I chose clothing apparel instead of the tattoo shop idea. I also realized, the Deuce Sleeves Brand is an opportunity to share my story of addiction and faith. For so many years, only my family knew about my addiction.

This had to change, and I decided to use the Brand as a vehicle to share my story. In early 2016, I read the book “Start with the Why” by Simon Sinek. Upon finishing the book, I drafted the mission of Deuce Sleeves Mindset Apparel in order of priority.

Why are you building Deuce Sleeves Brand? 

“I’m using the Brand as a vehicle to inspire you to never give up or lose faith on your journey in life to be great.”

How will you do this?

“Via faith in God, by sharing the testimony of my mistakes in life (drug overdose & 10-year addiction to pain medicine), and through the Brand Icon, a Hummingbird which symbolizes strength and persistence to Rise Above trouble and hardship.”

What is the end-goal of the Deuce Sleeves Brand?

“To build a Nationally recognized Brand.”

Thank You

Thank you for taking time to visit the website and read the “About” Deuce Sleeves Brand. If I can inspire you to never give up or lose faith, then I’ve been successful in my mission. This brand will never be solely about profit – that will take care of itself as long as I stay focused on the “Why” behind the Brand. I learned via my addiction that money doesn’t make you happy.

To family and friends whom I hurt during my addiction, please accept my apology for my actions and poor decisions during my addiction. I hope that my actions today via the Deuce Sleeves Brand makes you proud. At the very least, I can take an unfortunate situation resulting from 10+ years of addiction and turn it into something that will make you proud!

Rise Above!

Deuce Sleeves~